Australian Mediators: Insurance

Australian MediatorsThe Australian Mediation Association (AMA) provides a comprehensive insurance program for Australian Mediators.

This is a pre-requisite under the Australian National Mediator Standards for accreditation, for all of its members.

The program is a Master Policy for professional indemnity insurance and public and products liability insurance. Our vision to lead the ADR industry as ‘The Resolution Experts’, setting the standard of excellence by which all dispute resolution services will be measured, remains resolute.

In comparison with other National ADR Organisations, this ADR tailored program is one of the most cost effective and comprehensive ADR coverage’s available. ADR practitioners will save up to thousands of dollars each year, depending on the nature of their current insurance. (Other current ADR insurance packages available combine a membership fee component – the AMA has no membership fees to add on!)

The Australian Mediation Association considers the term ADR Practitioner to be inclusive of a broad range of conflict management and resolution endeavours.

Professional Services Covered: Conflict management and alternative dispute resolution services including but not limited to mediation, conciliation, consulting, facilitation, consensus building, conducting public dialogues, adjudication, arbitration, dispute system design, training, conflict coaching, restorative justice initiatives, education and capacity building to mitigate or prevent disputes and conflict and counselling services in relation to mediation only. These are all encompassed within a sweeping definition of ADR Practitioner in the context of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Australian Mediators: You MUST state that you are an AMA member to obtain membership discount.

Click HERE to obtain your Insurance online.

12 months comprehensive ADR insurance to cover your ADR professional activities costs approximately $485.00

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