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Family Law and Childrens Rights

The World Congress on Family Law and Childrens Rights was held in Sydney in March 2013. The congress brought together government officials, family law practitioners, jurists, advocates, policing and protection agencies, medical practitioners, politicians and other organisations and individuals with a common interest in the active protection of children and the promotion of good family law.

There were an amazing number of papers and resources presented at this congress that have now been made available to the public.  They may be viewed and downloaded at: Here The congress website link is: Here

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  • At the request of Mayor Miro Weinberger, one last mediation will take place, postponing a possible strike by one day ,
  • Two Ramapough Lenape Nation leaders will continue with representatives of a residential development. ,
  • The union representing city teachers agreed to a meeting with the school board orchestrated by a mediator. ,
  • Maryland state and defense entered a joint request for a postponement to allow parties to engage in mediation. ,
  • Mediation uses a neutral third-party to bring about a voluntary resolution, and settlement. ,
  • The judge presiding over the eviction matter involving a group of Woodstock residents has recommended mediation. ,

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