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Making the Case: Business Dispute Resolution Through Mediation

The writer Deborah Buyer discusses on the advantages in opting to employ mediation to settle issues or business disputes. Buyer looks back at the basic principles of mediation, the different types or approaches involved and the things to expect during a mediation process. Buyer also shares the different strategies that a mediator can use in settling the dispute. It is also emphasized here that mediation is confidential process which allows the parties a “time out” to explore settlement options without negative publicity. Read More

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  • Negotiations between the Winnipeg Airport and its union with the assistance of a federal will continue. ,
  • Saint Joseph’s College representatives and the professors who filed suit against the school will meet for mediation. ,
  • JetBlue pilots, represented by the Airline Pilots Association have requested mediation from the board. ,
  • Consolidated Edison and New York City are currently in mediation with numerous steam pipe explosion injured parties. ,
  • After a court battle and a mediation period, New York Wheel ended the contract and opted to find another design team ,
  • Mediation is continuing between Tarras farmers and the Otago Regional Council over the use of the Lindis River. ,

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