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As a special introductory offer, the AMA is encouraging mediators and dispute resolution practitioners, drawn from a variety of professional and business backgrounds, to join Australia’s leading conflict resolution body.

The AMA is the thought-leader for dispute resolution in Australia and the promotion of mediation and conflict management skills.

The AMA’s mission is to encourage and develop mediation and other cost-effective dispute resolution and prevention techniques in commercial and public-sector disputes.

Mediators: Register here


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  • Minnesota’s elected officials begin mediation this week in a budget dispute that is now threatening hundreds of jobs ,
  • The parties in a bullying case reached a settlement during compulsory mediation before the matter went to the court. ,
  • The Government is ordered to enter mediation with Indonesians who allege they were juveniles when they were detained ,
  • Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea directed both parties to hire a mediator by and demanded a report on the status. ,
  • After two rounds of mediation, the Caldwell school district finally has a teachers master agreement. ,
  • At the request of Mayor Miro Weinberger, one last mediation will take place, postponing a possible strike by one day ,

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