Dispute Resolution Services

 Dispute Resolution

A range of dispute resolution services is available to assist your unique business.

The AMA is committed to providing the best qualified mediators and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioners for your dispute resolution needs.

Whether it is getting both sides committed to the ADR process, or simply coordinating your case, we do the work for you. We facilitate getting the appropriate parties to the negotiation table.

Our family dispute resolution practitioners and mediators are trained ADR experts. They work with all parties to insure a positive experience before, during and after the ADR session.

Our expertise in dispute resolution services includes providing experienced ADR practitioners and process selection, coordinating date, time and location, and following up post-session on all cases.

We collaborate with some of the most prominent business and legal professionals in compiling our panel of ADR consultants. Our mediators are invited to join our panel because of their proven experience and success in the field of ADR and the law. They come to us with a wide range of expertise from which to choose.

Neutrality is one of the most important aspects of alternative dispute resolution. For this reason, all of the ADR Consultants are completely independent. They are not involved with either the administration or management of the business. This ensures that each case is managed and resolved with the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.

We understand the demands on your time.

Contact us via email or call today 1300 MEDIATE (633 428) for a free dispute resolution consultation . Let us show you how easy it can be to get your case resolved through the Australian Mediation Association.