Dispute Systems Design

Dispute systems designIn addition to our review process, we can design and implement policies and procedures to ensure that disputes are resolved at the earliest possible time within organisations and to minimise the costs of the dispute. We take great care and pride in our dispute systems design

At the AMA we also offer in-house dispute resolution training for all levels of employees.

Dispute Systems Design

By controlling the costs of conflict within organisations, ADR processes can demonstrate how to build in the kind of policies, procedures, and practices that can cut up to 80% of related legal expenses, slow staff turnover, strengthen long-term business relationships, reduce stress and promote the success of an organisation’s mission.

The AMA believes that Dispute Systems Design (Conflict Management) represents your organisation’s greatest opportunity for cost control in this century.

Dispute systems design involves the design of systems or mechanisms, which are used routinely to handle similar, repeated disputes. It is particularly relevant to organisations (both public and private) and to joint ventures and partnerships, which have to deal efficiently and fairly with conflict and with a continuing series of disputes.

The elements of an effective dispute resolution system include an evaluation of existing dispute resolution procedures and policies, skills development, motivation, resources, and an analysis of the internal and external organisational environments.

Dispute systems design involves the design and implementation of a set of dispute resolution processes with the capacity for handling a series of disputes on a proactive, anticipatory basis.

By developing a conflict management system to deal with organisational disputes, you support employees and managers in the early resolution of problems with customers, partners, and with each other, thereby preventing predictable conflicts from escalating into expensive disputes.

The benefits of a dispute system are measurable

  • reduced legal expenses (in the range of 50 – 80 percent)
  • reduced annual turnover; strengthened long-term business relationships;
  • reduced stress;
  • increased productivity
  • increased workplace satisfaction
  • increased profits

and most important, assurance that the organisation’s mission will be accomplished as employees, managers, partners and customers work together to achieve common goals.

The AMA will design and assist you in implementing an Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR system based on your organisational needs. The system will include training for management and staff in conflict avoidance techniques. This will give your management and staff the necessary skills to identify and neutralise potential problem areas before conflict occurs.