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The 3rd Annual National Public Sector Legal Officers’ Forum 2012

Effective Strategies and Working Models to Enhance Legal Officers’ Performance and Efficiency within an Evolving Environment
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6 & 7 March 2012, Canberra

In the evolving landscape of the Public Sector, legal officers are typically called on for advice and direction, and as such, require continual upkeep of knowledge and development of skills in order to be professionally successful while supporting their agencies’ mission.

Case studies from significant public agencies will offer relevant practical value while expert commentaries will provide perspectives on evolving directions and the emerging responsibilities of a government lawyer.
Over the course of two days, issues encompassing ethical challenges, reform initiatives, statutory interpretation, human rights, working across agencies and jurisdictions, risk management and many more will be explored with genuine examples and thoughtful reflections offered through interactive participation and discussion.

This event is a must for all Public Sector legal professionals wishing to perform their duties with eyes wide open in a knowledge-driven role.


  • The Effects of Recent Developments in the Public Sector Legal Sphere
  • Attract, Develop and Retain the Skills of Excellent Government Lawyers
  • Future Directions of Government Legal Service Provision
  • The Unique Issues Faced by Public Sector Legal Officers

Who Will Attend:

  • Legal Officers
  • General Counsel
  • Lawyers / Solicitors
  • Legal Branch Managers
  • Regulatory and Compliance Officers

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The Dispute Resolution Forum Overview

The AMA in conjunction with Mutual Mediations’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum (ADR Forum) is an exciting place to gain new knowledge and to share information with colleagues in the field. The practitioner-oriented forum is attended by ADR scholars and graduate students in addition to ADR professionals from all over Australia, forum activities are open to anyone interested in alternative dispute resolution. Whilst primarily the forums are held in Brisbane, downloads of seminars will become available as well as the ability to access seminars via interactive webinars and blogs will be employed to maintain a nationally assessable event.

The Dispute Resolution Forum consists of three structures, designed to enhance dispute resolution skills and understanding in different ways.

The Forum

The Forum meets one evening each month or bi-monthly. These meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month, opening at 6:00pm with light refreshments. The program, which takes place from 6:30 to 7:30pm includes a presentation by a guest speaker and a period for questions and commentary from forum members. A monthly newsletter will notify members in advance of the upcoming speaker and their topic as well as any technical requirements they may need to access the seminar over the internet.


The second segment of the Forum is “Peervision,” designed to be a safe place for professionals to network, learn and develop. Peervision is composed of conferences in which a case is presented for discussion. These meetings are held in addition to the monthly meetings. The series is called Peervision because it is an opportunity for peers in the field to trade insights based on their wide-ranging, practice-based expertise. Participants are invited to share reactions, thoughts, and feelings they have experienced in cases similar to the one presented.

Members of the Forum have brought to Peervision cases involving employment, family, union/management, separation and divorce, and multiparty disputes. Mediation, negotiation, and adjudication cases have been represented. A unique blog site will allow members to interact with each other via the web.

Special Events

Additional functions are arranged from time to time.

Open to the Public

All interested parties are invited to join the forum. It is a venue in which the AMA’s commitment to improving the theory and practice of negotiation and conflict resolution is invigorated by the ideas and experiences of practitioners. Forum activities also bring cutting-edge work of scholars in the many disciplines involved in alternative dispute resolution to the attention of practitioners. Most importantly, the ADR Forum provides an opportunity for members to trade information, compare experiences, and gain new perspectives.

To join the e-mail list of people receiving information, contact us at the AMA:

Conferences and Training Courses

Members of the ADR Forum will also be notified of upcoming ADR conferences and training courses provided by Australia’s most distinguished dispute resolution providers, including leading Universities and Not-for Profit organisations.

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