Australian Mediation Register

Australian Mediation Register: Now Open for Registration

Australian Mediation RegisterThe Australian Mediation Register (AMR) is now open for mediators to apply to be registered.

The aim is to launch the Register to work alongside the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). The Australian Mediation Register is a web based listing of mediators who certify that they meet either the minimum national standards, accreditation as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner or have undertaken mediation training.

These standards are for training, mediation, co-mediation and continuing practice development as well as adherence to an appropriate code of practice, complaints handing procedure and appropriate indemnity insurance. It will be possible for mediators who are certified by the Australian Mediation Association, as a Recognised Mediation Accreditation Body (RMAB), to have the badge “NMAS Accredited” on the mediator’s entry to demonstrate these higher standards of practice. Mediators accredited by another independent regulatory body will also be able to have their profiles listed.

Benefits to mediators

  • The AMR will be a highly visible and trusted place to find mediators.  Mediator’s listings can show either their service’s contact details or their direct contact information. The AMR will become another source of direct referrals to mediators and mediation services.
  • The AMR gives independent recognition of mediation practice standards which provides greater reassurance to our users, Government and Industry as well as other organisations.
  • An AMR mediator, accredited through the Australian Mediation Association will be allowed to call themselves an “Accredited Mediator NMAS” and use the logo which is expected to develop as a brand that signifies quality in mediation in Australia.
  • The AMR will demonstrate publicly that being a mediator in Australia is to be part of a coherent and valued occupation.
  • With the requirement for annual updating of Continuing Professional Development records, the Register will encourage the systematic maintenance and development of mediation skills.

For complete details and to register, go to

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