ADR Australia – Welcome from the CEO

ADRThe AMA aims to be instrumental in the evolution of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) within Australia.

As a complement to the court system, ADR has become a widely used set of processes that continues to grow as a means of resolving all types of disputes. Through a combination of the expertise of our associates and distinguished ADR practitioners and effective business practices, we have set the standard for ADR providers nationwide.

The AMA was established for ADR practitioners with a shared purpose of keeping neutrality and quality of service paramount. This commitment in partnership will provide for unprecedented growth, and give us the freedom, and insight, to be Australia’s leading resolution experts by setting new standards of excellence in the ADR field.

Being the resolution experts starts with uncompromising objectivity and a distinguished panel of primary dispute resolution practitioners, mediators and ADR professionals alike who are capable of resolving the most complex disputes where the parties appear to be unyielding. Our panel works with associates who are trained in setting cases and in ensuring that the entire settlement process occurs with exceptional client service.

A strong sense of collegiality and collaboration is evident at all levels within our organisation. All ADR techniques combined with cutting edge technology are employed to enhance results and service. In addition, we will introduced programs like on-line dispute resolution, webinar services and utilise the latest world wide web technologies all to benefit our clients. We also believe in benefiting our communities through the provision of information services about conflict resolution and its prevention. Finally, the breadth and depth of the AMA, as the nations leading resolution experts, is exemplified by the high satisfaction marks we receive from clients, mediators, ADR practitioners and associates that are measured on a regular basis.

Yours sincerely,

Callum Campbell

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