Dispute Consultation

How can a dispute consultation strengthen your business?

In an increasingly collaborative business environment, continued success often depends on the ability of individuals, teams and organisations with mutual interests to work smoothly together.

A dispute consultation can protect your business from potential conflict-related issues.

Costs of conflict can often be avoided with the establishment of systems that promote collaboration and stop disagreements from becoming expensive disputes.

Find out how to resolve your problems by using the most efficient and effective dispute resolution processes available.

Save time, money and valuable staff and strengthen long term business relationships.

The AMA can implement procedures to ensure that your disputes are resolved at the earliest possible time, so that they don’t blow out-of-proportion and incur unnecessary costs and delays.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes can hold back business development, harm commercial relationships and be costly and time-consuming to resolve, impacting the interests of the company, its employees and its shareholders.

ADR Reviews are designed to review disputes, differences and workplace conflict and to identify times when mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution may be appropriate.

The process also looks at potential time and cost savings which may be available in each case. It can be used for all or just specified disputes and is strictly confidential.

As well as carrying out a Review we can make a short presentation to CEOs, Finance Directors, HR Managers and other senior executives with a company’s in-house lawyers.

The objective is to explain the concept and benefits of mediation and to introduce the Alternative Dispute Resolution Review arrangement. This optional presentation is free of charge.

We will prepare a report listing those matters which we believe, on the information supplied, may or may not be suitable for mediation or some other form of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

For those cases which we feel are suitable for referral, we will advise on the:

A. Recommended form of ADR
B. Projected time scale for the process
C. Estimated potential cost savings which may be available

We only require the outline information of disputes. This can be provided to us online via our mediate now form.

The information required relates only to the nature of the dispute, some of the dynamics involved and any projected legal costs.

We do not need to know the identity of the other parties or of specific property or assets involved.

The information provided is subject to our strict rules on confidentiality and will not later be disclosed to any third party.

In addition to our review process, we can design and implement policies and procedures to ensure that disputes are resolved at the earliest possible time within organisations and to minimise the costs of the dispute.

We take great care and pride in our dispute systems design.

At the AMA we also offer in-house dispute resolution training for all levels of employees.

By controlling the costs of conflict within organisations, ADR processes can demonstrate how to build in the kind of policies, procedures, and practices that can cut up to 80% of related legal expenses, slow staff turnover, strengthen long-term business relationships, reduce stress and promote the success of an organisation’s mission.

The AMA believes that Dispute Systems Design (Conflict Management) represents your organisation’s greatest opportunity for cost control in this century.

Dispute systems design involves the design of systems or mechanisms, which are used routinely to handle similar, repeated disputes. It is particularly relevant to organisations (both public and private) and to joint ventures and partnerships, which have to deal efficiently and fairly with conflict and with a continuing series of disputes.

What elements are involved?

The elements of an effective dispute resolution system include an evaluation of existing dispute resolution procedures and policies, skills development, motivation, resources, and an analysis of the internal and external organisational environments.

Dispute systems design involves the design and implementation of a set of dispute resolution processes with the capacity for handling a series of disputes on a proactive, anticipatory basis.

By developing a conflict management system to deal with organisational disputes, you support employees and managers in the early resolution of problems with customers, partners, and with each other, thereby preventing predictable conflicts from escalating into expensive disputes.

  • Reduced legal expenses (in the range of 50 – 80 percent)
  • reduced annual turnover; strengthened long-term business relationships;
  • reduced stress;
  • increased productivity
  • increased workplace satisfaction
  • increased profits

and most important, assurance that the organisation’s mission will be accomplished as employees, managers, partners and customers work together to achieve common goals.

The AMA will design and assist you in implementing an Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR system based on your organisational needs. The system will include training for management and staff in conflict avoidance techniques. This will give your management and staff the necessary skills to identify and neutralise potential problem areas before conflict occurs.

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