ADR Review

How Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Reviews work

Alternative Dispute ResolutionDisputes can hold back business development, harm commercial relationships and be costly and time-consuming to resolve, impacting the interests of the company, its employees and its shareholders.

ADR Reviews are designed to review disputes, differences and workplace conflict and to identify times when mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution may be appropriate. The process also looks at potential time and cost savings which may be available in each case. It can be used for all or just specified disputes and is strictly confidential.

Board Presentations on the benefits of mediation

As well as carrying out a Review we can make a short presentation to CEOs, Finance Directors, HR Managers and other senior executives with a company’s in-house lawyers. The objective is to explain the concept and benefits of mediation and to introduce the Alternative Dispute Resolution Review arrangement. This optional presentation is free of charge.

Our Report

We will prepare a report listing those matters which we believe, on the information supplied, may or may not be suitable for mediation or some other form of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

For those cases which we feel are suitable for referral, we will advise on the:

A. Recommended form of ADR
B. Projected time scale for the process
C. Estimated potential cost savings which may be available


We only require the outline information of disputes. This can be provided to us online via our mediate now form.

The information required relates only to the nature of the dispute, some of the dynamics involved and any projected legal costs. We do not need to know the identity of the other parties or of specific property or assets involved. The information provided is subject to our strict rules on confidentiality and will not later be disclosed to any third party.