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Through Mediation Training you will learn to mediate, refine your skills or become involved in our mentoring program with the AMA’s dispute resolution specialists. We provide a range of general and specialised mediation and conflict resolution training and consultation opportunities.


Mediation TrainingThrough the advances of technology there now exists the opportunity to obtain the necessary basic process and skill components of mediation training online and become accredited in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards. The Australian Mediation Association (AMA) for the first time offers a collaborative, interactive training and learning experience, keeping every participant engaged like never before.

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2018 Course Commencement dates – each course is of 4 weeks duration online:
Week commencing 12th March 2018
Week commencing 11th June 2018
Week commencing 8th October 2018

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(CHC8115) Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution

Successfully completing the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution allows graduates to register with the Australian Attorney Generals department to become a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

This study can be done quickly and online in the comfort of your own home or office throughout Australia. Read more here.

To be qualified as an FDR practitioner you must meet the accreditation standards in the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008. The Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution will meet this requirement and allow the FDRP to issue section 60I certificates, which are required by the Family Court of Australia.

Delivered in partnership with the RTO, College of Education Services, provider code: 22487.

Pathway to a Masters of Conflict Management and Resolution

The Australian Mediation Association and the Mediator Training Academy is delighted to announce that the pathway to the Master of Conflict Management and Resolution with James Cook University has been finalised.

MTA students who complete the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution will receive credit for 4 subjects of the Master qualification – this equates to one third of the Masters requirements.

This is a tremendous opportunity for our graduates and unique to the Australian mediation industry.

Successfully completing the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution allows graduates to register with the Australian Attorney Generals department to become a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Registration time is now… For more information on the Master’s Program please click HERE


6 Day NMAS training course

Salvaging relationships. Opening lines of communication. De-escalating conflicts. Reaching workable agreements. The success of any mediation is predicated on the skills of the mediator.

As a result of the collaboration of the Australian Mediation Association and the Mediator Training Academy, this premier course provides the opportunity to obtain the necessary basic process and skill components of mediation training to become Accredited in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards.

In this popular program, you will acquire the practical skills and techniques for facilitating negotiations between disputing parties. From family and employment matters to public policy and business disagreements, you will discover effective ways to settle differences and mediate disputes across a variety of contexts. This program will provide you with core mediation skills and training and hands-on experience as a mediator in a variety of simulations.

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There is an ancient proverb that says, “you can feed a man a meal of fish and he will be satisfied that day. Or you can teach a man how to fish and he will be satisfied for the rest of his life”. Our sentiments exactly.

We don’t just train individuals to become mediators; we develop professionals with tools and techniques to help them deliver better and more profitable businesses. We understand the benefits conflict management tools and techniques bring to individuals and therefore to businesses.

Working with both our delegates and trainers we have developed conflict resolution and management training courses aimed at supporting all business and legal operations to help increase service delivery levels and client value. Our practical business programs all aim to achieve this but through different mediums. For instance one of our courses looks at ways of identifying, understanding and then managing client expectations throughout the cycle of that relationship. This enables you to spot and deal with conflict issues before they sour.

Of course if you simply want to become a mediator or acquire advanced specialist skills then you need look no further for a training provider. We continually fine-tune our approach to produce interactive and innovative programes. The AMA offers a range of courses, workshops and seminars which can be tailored to a specific orientation (e.g. Commercial Law or Family Law). Our standard training courses, workshops and seminars include:

Accredited Mediation Training Course 4 days – this practical training program incorporates simulations and exercises in mediation and critical appraisal of the mediation process. This course is typically run in-house privately with organisations and not open to individuals and the public.

In-House Training (IHT) – courses for managers and employees across all industries and sectors. Customized and conducted on-site at your convenience to prepare your internal HR and other professionals to be trained in the core competencies for managing workplace conflict throughout your organization. These are tailored courses specifically designed to your business’ requirements from contract negotiation to resolving workplace disputes, to building a stronger, more productive and better performing workplace.

Commercial Resolution Training (CRT) – specific mediation training courses targeted at negotiation and the resolution of multi-party disputes.


The AMA provides specialist services to coach and assist newly accredited mediators with the development of their conflict resolution skills. This can take the form of role plays or simulated mediations. The AMA currently coaches with such leading Institutions as the University of Queensland, The Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre as well as Adjudicate Today.


Our mediators will co-mediate and assist those mediators or in-house mediators who have recently gained accreditation as a mediator, however need to develop and refine their practical skills. We work hand in hand with mediators to pass on the benefits of our vast expertise and experience so that mediators and potential mediators can feel confident and comfortable in practicing the necessary skills of conflict resolution.

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