Dr Tanya Robinson

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Dr Tanya Robinson

Tanya operates a private practice located in the central business district of Adelaide, South Australia. The Child Advocacy Hub, concentrates on mediation and dispute resolution to safeguard the best interests and rights of children involved in legal proceedings. She offers both in-person and online services.

Tanya possesses extensive qualifications in mental health, forensic science, criminal justice and dispute resolution, enabling her to offer a comprehensive range of services. Her expertise includes Mental Health Forensic Psychosocial Assessments, Risk Assessments, Risk Identification, and Safety Screenings.

She also provides Private Family Reports, Private Child Impact Reports, and Child Consultant Services for Child-Inclusive Mediation. Additionally, she offers Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution, serves as a 60I Certificate Service Provider, and practices New Ways Counseling, Coaching, and Mediation.


Other Types of Mediation Offered
Child-inclusive mediation. Child-focussed mediation.
Based In
Adelaide, South Australia
Trained By
Mediation Institute
Current Position
Managing Director
Foundation Mediation Training Year
Insurance Cover
Australian Association of Social Workers
Codes of Conduct Followed
Australian National Mediator Standards - Australian Mediation Association Accredited Mediator
Service Area
South Australia Online services across Australia
Types of Mediation Offered


Mediator Standards Board
Work Resolve
Mediator Training Academy
Family Resolve Mediation
WMO Fellow
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