Peter Danigelis

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Peter Danigelis

As a seasoned lawyer and accredited NMAS mediator, I offer my expertise to facilitate amicable solutions in a myriad of contexts. With a commitment to impartiality and fairness, I specialize in mediating disputes across diverse areas.

Benefit from:

  • Legal Insight: Backed by legal acumen, I understand the intricacies of disputes spanning various domains.
  • Conflict Resolution: Navigate conflicts efficiently and constructively, fostering agreements that satisfy all parties involved.
  • Confidentiality and Neutrality:  All discussions are held in strict confidence, ensuring a neutral environment conducive to open dialogue.


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College Of Law
Current Position
Principal Lawyer
Foundation Mediation Training Year
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Codes of Conduct Followed
Australian National Mediator Standards - Australian Mediation Association Accredited Mediator
Service Area
Types of Mediation Offered
Wills and Estates


Mediator Standards Board
Work Resolve
Mediator Training Academy
Family Resolve Mediation
WMO Fellow
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