Commercial and Business Mediation

Business MediationCommercial and Business Mediation, the AMA can assist in resolving all of your commercial, business and workplace disputes.

Effectively managing disputes is a sure way to reduce legal and administrative costs to free up management time for more productive purposes. The savings gained by avoiding just one court case a year and the advantages for businesses in adopting mediation processes are multifaceted and immeasurable.

Businesses have discovered how cost effective mediation can be in resolving disputes which interfere with productivity or negatively effect employee morale. Even small  businesses have used mediation processes to keep owner-partnerships from dissolving, to help retain valued managers and to implement change and modernise systems without loosing the “heart” of their businesses due to employee conflicts.

Some examples of the possible types of commercial disputes are to recover monies owed; disputes with suppliers, clients/customers, employees, franchises and business partners. Business Mediation has also been used extensively in disputes involving personal injuries, commercial transactions where ongoing relationships are important, boards of directors, defamation, intellectual property and complex multi-party disputes to name just a few.

Our specialists work with companies, unions, government and not-for-profit agencies, and other groups to assess and help resolve conflicts, design conflict management and resolution systems, and teach managers and workers about conflict resolution processes.

Business Mediation has proven to be the cost effective alternative to surrendering to a judge or jury the right to determine the outcome of the dispute at hand.

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