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National Panel of ADR Consultants

Join our national panel of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consultants for case referrals, dispute resolution job opportunities, networking events, seminars, information and many more opportunities within the field.

The AMA has established a national expert panel of mediators and dispute resolution practitioners, drawn from a variety of professional and business backgrounds.

Benefits of membership

By becoming an ADR consultant on our national panel you can:

  • receive referrals for mediation in your area(s) of specialty.
  • become involved in AMA mediation mentoring schemes.
  • obtain work experience.
  • further your career and professional prospects, status and opportunities.
  • access opportunities for nomination as a mediator as part of the AMA’s facilitation services.
  • participate, in a multi-disciplinary setting, in activities designed to improve and update your practice skills.
  • access professional development programs including workshops, training courses, conferences and seminars.
  • keep up to date with current developments in the field.
  • participate in professional fellowship
  • access opportunities to participate in mentor / skill development schemes.
  • create opportunities for referrals to you as a registered mediator, dispute resolution practitioner, expert or in a related field of practice.
  • access the opportunity to be placed on specialist panels managed by the AMA on behalf of other organisations.
  • network with other mediators/persons involved in the mediation and ADR industry.
  • access discounts on some other courses, seminars and events as negotiated by the AMA (such as the National Mediation Conference, Symposiums and events ).
  • representation of views on significant ADR issues.

Mediators and dispute resolution practitioners should be accredited by mediation training organisations approved by the AMA.

All dispute resolution practitioners must have qualifications in their relevant field of expertise.

There is special introductory fee joining fee of $220 (inclusive of GST) for all mediators and dispute resolution practitioners joining our national panel.

Solicitors and Barristers practices or any other organisation which have nominated more than one mediator to our panel are required to pay an additional annual administration fee of $220 (inclusive of GST). Fees will be charged on an annul basis thereafter.

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