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Family Law Mediation

Divorce and separation are stressful times for everyone, especially when children are involved.

Both partners may experience a range of emotions which include a sense of loss, grief, pain, anger and failure.

Court rooms may prolong such difficult times. Family Law Mediation will reduce the duration of such a difficult period and the costs involved.

Family dispute resolution is the name in the Family Law Act for services such as mediation and conciliation that help people affected by separation and divorce to sort out their disputes with each other.

You may have reached a point where you can’t agree on issues concerning your property, children, or money. You may not be able to talk to each other at all.

From 1 July 2007, if you want to apply to the court for a parenting order (and you have not previously applied), you will need a certificate from a registered family dispute resolution provider which confirms that an attempt at Family Law Mediation was made.

It is expected that, from 1 July 2008, this requirement will apply to all applications, including those seeking changes to an existing parenting order. There are some exceptions to this requirement, such as cases involving family violence or child abuse.

Family Law Mediation offers a better way to resolve divorce and family conflicts:

  • The focus is on moving forward and finding resolution,
    rather than assigning blame.
  • Mediation helps avoid adversarial and costly legal battles
  • Mediation allows parties to retain control over the outcome
  • Mediation allows for creative solutions

Many couples find that the most efficient and best way of negotiating these issues is by working with a specially trained and impartial mediator.

The Family Law Mediation specialist can help to keep you both on track, despite your differences, your strong emotions and communication difficulties, and can, in most cases, help you to relieve much of the anxiety over these issues.

This can make all the difference in your recovering from your divorce or separation and moving on with your life. Mediation allows the two of you to get through your divorce with less conflict than you would experience in an adversarial divorce.

As a team of specialist family mediators, the AMA provides the environment for the resolution of all family and separation issues in dispute, without the need for a courtroom. All issues that are addressed in the courtroom can be resolved in an efficient mediation process.

Family, divorce and defacto mediation maintains control over your individual and family’s futures.

With the assistance of a family mediator, you and your partner will explore options in relation to resolving financial and parenting matters; including:

  • the division of assets and liabilities,
  • how long term decision about your children’s welfare will be made,
  • establish co-operative parenting arrangements for the future,
  • attending to financial support for your children and you.

The Family mediator will provide the opportunity for you and your former partner to reach agreement about disputed matters, without a judge or a court imposing decisions upon you – you maintain control.

In relation to contact and residence arrangements for children there is great emphasis on the importance of a continuing relationship between a child and a parent, and the benefits a child gains from parents co-operating with one another, as far as practicable, to protect and safeguard the interest of any child.

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As any parent instinctively knows and understands – nothing should come before the health and well-being of your children. And divorce, as difficult as it might be for everyone involved, should NOT change that fact.

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Family dispute resolution can help you sort out these issues without going to court.

If you can resolve your differences you’ll save yourself time, money and a whole lot of stress.

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Family Law Mediation

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