Sharyne Railton

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Sharyne Railton



  • Current Position


  • Types of Mediation Offered

    Commercial and Business Mediation, Workplace, Community and Neighbour, Restorative Practices and Conferencing, Schools/Peers, Other

  • Other Types of Mediation Offered

    Siblings, Parent and Child, Pet Custody/ Access, Non Court Mandated Family Mediation; Elder Advocacy, Owners Corporation, Retail Leases.

  • Based In

    Melbourne, Victoria

  • Service Area


  • Trained By

    Bond University, Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (Department of Justice, Victoria) and Cyngler Consulting, Jim Cyngler, barrister, trainer and mediator

  • Foundation Mediation Training Year


  • Date Joined

    June 20, 2015

  • Codes of Conduct Followed

    Australian National Mediator Standards - Other, Australian National Mediator Standards - Australian Mediation Association Accredited Mediator

  • Insurance Cover

    Fenton Green Insurance Brokers

Mediator Standards Board
Work Resolve
Mediator Training Academy
Family Resolve Mediation
WMO Fellow
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