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Cheryl Duffy

Founder of The Divorce Centre, Mediator, Divorce Coach and Author of the bestseller "The Divorce Tango"

I help clients impacted by separation and divorce so they gain the emotional support and guidance through this traumatic life event.

Helping clients pre-separation, post separation and post divorce to empower them to have the strength, courage and confidence to get through the challenges of separation and divorce so they can transform themselves and their life.

Services are provided remotely via zoom across Australia for Divorce Coaching, Marital Mediation, Divorce Property Mediation, Pet Mediation and the following courses - Parenting after Separation, Anger Management, Parenting Preschoolers for Separated Parents, Empower Teens impacted by Divorce and Accelerated Recovery.

Appeared on TV in Australia & USA, Womens Weekly, ABC radio, Triple M etc

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Other Types of Mediation Offered
1. Marital Mediation - Helping clients who have recurring issues impacting their marriage to focus on the problems, explore options, and agree solutions to avoid separation & divorce 2. Property Mediation - Helping Clients stay empowered on their financial future to uncover needs and wants, explore options and agree solutions to stay empowered on the financial wealth pool to avoid handing over to a judge to decide. 3. Pet Mediation - We all love our pets but what happens to them when the family goes through Divorce? Pet Mediation helps separating clients explore options and agreements for ongoing pet sharing post separation 4. Workplace Mediation - Helping clients to understand viewpoints, needs and wants in a workplace to explore options and agree solutions for a harmonious working environment.
Based In
Australia - Services provided nationally via zoom
Trained By
Conflict Resolution Service, Canberra
Current Position
Mediator & Divorce Coach
Foundation Mediation Training Year
Insurance Cover
Bizcover Policy Number BMM/19333/000/19/J Policy PI & PL ‐ DUAL
Codes of Conduct Followed
Australian National Mediator Standards - Australian Mediation Association Accredited Mediator
Service Area
Separation & Divorce, Divorce Property Mediation, Marital Mediation, Pet Mediation, Divorce Coaching, Parenting Courses, Workplace Mediation, Neighbourhood disputes
Types of Mediation Offered


Mediator Standards Board
Work Resolve
Mediator Training Academy
Family Resolve Mediation
WMO Fellow
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