Veronica Sestic

Mediator Details

Veronica Sestic

I am a qualified mediator and FDP who works on the Central Coast and Sydney area. I am able to host mediation at my office at Toukley on the Central Coast or am able to host mediation sessions as a mobile mediator in Sydney. I am also a qualified and registered psychologist/supervisor with a background with working with families, government agencies such as schools, and community.


Other Types of Mediation Offered
Family Dispute Resolution Workplace Mediation
Based In
Central Coast - Toukley & Sydney - Parramatta/Hills area (Mobile)
Trained By
College of Law & Bonds University
Current Position
Mediator, FDP, Principal,
Foundation Mediation Training Year
Insurance Cover
Fenton Green - AAI Limited ABN 48005297807 trading as Vero Insurance
Codes of Conduct Followed
Australian National Mediator Standards - Australian Mediation Association Accredited Mediator
Service Area
Central Coast - Toukley Sydney - Parramatta/Hills
Types of Mediation Offered


Mediator Standards Board
Work Resolve
Mediator Training Academy
Family Resolve Mediation
WMO Fellow
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